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Expert in Traditional Ayurveda Medicine

Ayush Care, a revered Ayurveda treatment hospital, is devoted to offering the finest Ayurveda care. Our team, seasoned in diverse natural and holistic healing techniques, specializes in a range of Ayurvedic therapies tailored to individual needs. We focus on diagnosing and treating the underlying causes of illnesses, ensuring a comprehensive approach to health.

In our tranquil setting, we blend traditional Ayurveda practices with modern wellness principles, creating a unique healing experience. Our treatments include herbal remedies, dietary plans, lifestyle adjustments, and therapeutic procedures, all designed to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. We also offer wellness consultations and personalized detoxification programs, aiming to rejuvenate and restore your health.


Expert in Homeopathy, providing individualized and holistic care through an experienced team

At AyushCare, Homeopathic treatment is provided through a personalized approach, emphasizing the unique needs of each patient. Following the homeopathic principle of "like cures like," the practitioners at AyushCare select remedies that would produce similar symptoms in a healthy person to those experienced by the patient. These remedies are prepared through a meticulous process of serial dilution and succussion, ensuring they are highly diluted yet potent. The treatment considers not just the physical symptoms but also the emotional and mental well-being of the patient, offering a holistic healing experience. AyushCare's approach is rooted in the belief that stimulating the body's natural healing processes can effectively address various health concerns, providing a gentle yet effective alternative to conventional treatments.

Best homeopathy centre in Dubai - Homeopathy clinic dubai
Best ayurvedic centre dubai - Ayurvedic clinic dubai - Ayushcare dubai - Ayushcare


Experience the time-tested efficacy of Unani medicine at our clinic

Ayush Care has established itself as a center of excellence in Unani medicine, dedicated to delivering top-notch Unani treatments. Our team comprises seasoned specialists who excel in treating diverse health conditions using natural and holistic Unani approaches. Our philosophy centers on addressing the underlying causes of ailments, not just the symptoms, embodying the essence of traditional Unani healing wisdom. We invite you to experience the transformative power of Unani medicine at Ayush Care, where your journey to optimal health and wellness begins



Hijama at our clinic: Revitalize your body, rejuvenate your spirit

Ayush Care, renowned for its expertise in Unani medicine, has expanded its range of holistic treatments to include Hijama therapy. This center of excellence is committed to providing exceptional Hijama treatments, conducted by experienced professionals skilled in this ancient healing art. Emphasizing a natural and comprehensive approach to health, Ayush Care's Hijama therapy focuses on detoxifying the body and promoting healing, aligning with the core principles of Unani medicine. By integrating Hijama into its repertoire, Ayush Care invites you to embark on a rejuvenating journey towards optimal health and wellness, rooted in traditional wisdom and tailored to modern needs

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Advancing health with a combination of physiotherapy and contemporary wellness techniques

At Ayush Care, we believe that everyone deserves to live life with optimal health and wellbeing. Our team of experienced Physiotherapists is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals and overcome any physical barriers that may be hindering their progress. We work closely with our clients to create personalized treatment plans that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Whether you're recovering from an injury or looking to improve your overall fitness, Ayush Care is here to help you every step of the way.


Specialties like Orthopedics, Neurology, and Pediatrics to Geriatrics, ensure comprehensive health care across all life stages

Ayushcare offers a wide range of healthcare services to meet every patient's needs. Our Orthopedics team treats bone and joint problems, from injuries to ongoing issues. Neurology experts handle brain and nerve disorders, including headaches and diseases like multiple sclerosis. Our Pediatrics department cares for children, focusing on their growth and health. For heart and lung issues, our Cardio-respiratory team offers expert treatment for conditions like asthma. Finally, our Geriatric care supports the elderly with their unique health challenges, ensuring a good quality of life.

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