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Best homeopathy clinic in dubai - ayushcare dubai


AyushCare Clinic, specializing in Homeopathy, provides a unique approach to healthcare, emphasizing individualized and holistic treatment. Founded on the principles of "like cures like" and "law of minimum dose," Homeopathy at AyushCare uses highly diluted substances aiming to treat various conditions. While its effectiveness is subject to debate and lacks strong scientific backing, Homeopathy is appreciated for its non-toxic, gentle approach, often used alongside conventional medicine. AyushCare Clinic is dedicated to offering personalized care, focusing on the overall well-being and balance of its patients.

Best Homeopathy Clinic in Dubai - Ayushcare Medical Centre

Ayushcare dubai - Homeopathy hospital in dubai
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Area of Expertise

  • Allergies, Asthma and Chronic ENT Diseases

Allergic rhinitus, Asthma, Flu, recurrent tonsilitis, Food allergies

  • Paediatric and Child Health

Common cold, Bronchitis, Ear pain, Cough, Adenoids, Tonsilitis, Childhood eruptive diseases, Lack of Immunity in Children

  • Skin and Hair

Atopic dermatitis, Rashes, Psoriasis, Hairfall, bald patches, Dandruff, Acne, Common Fungal Infection, Warts, Corn

  • Hormonal Disorders

PCOD, Thyroid complaints, Fibroids uterus and ovary, Menstrual Irregularities, Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction

  • Mental Health

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Lack of Desire or Fatigue, Behavioural disorders and Learning Disabilities in children including ADHD and ASD

  • Migraine, Sinusitis, All Types of Headache

  • Gastro Intestinal Diseases

Bloating, Diarrhea, IBD, Constipation, Malabsorption, Piles, Fissure, Fistula 

  • Lifestyle Disorders

Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Insulin Resistance

  • Prostate Problems, Male Sexual Health

  • Pain and Palliative Care

Acute and Chronic pain management without side effect

  • Auto Immune Diseases and Rheumatological Disorders

To bring back the equilibrium of the body's immune system in a natural way in diseases like Vitiligo, SLE, Inflammatory bowel diseases, Rheumatoid arthritis

Homeopathic Pills

Benefits of Homeopathy

  • In today's conventional practice, the physician spends very little time with the patient. It is of utmost importance that the doctor, gives a patient hearing to the person ailing, spends some time to discuss about his illness and understands the suffering of the individual seeking treatment.

  •  Homoeopathy is a holistic science, which renders cure and healing, rather than mere alleviation of disease, and takes into consideration the minutest details of the ailing person. In order to do this, a Homoeopathic physician needs to spend a substantial amount of time with the patient and understand several aspects about him and his life.

  • During the process of Homoeopathic case taking, he not only enquires about the physical ailments in detail but also questions about his general state of health, illnesses in the past and family, his life situation, anxieties and stress, fears, dreams etc. This helps the physician to perceive the diseased person in totality, thereby enabling him to find the right Homoeopathic Similimum for the patient. Best Homeopathy clinic in Dubai. It also helps the patient to repose trust in his physician and develop a good rapport with him. Other merits of Homeopathy are:

  • It treats the whole person considering the mind, emotions, and body.

  • Homeopathic medicines will not hamper digestion.

  • Removes the cause of symptoms, leading to permanent cure for physical body.

  • Non-invasive and offering a long-term solution rather than temporary relief.

  • It utilizes the body’s natural healing power to restore the health.

  • Proactive treatment offered to improve existing health level thereby preventing diseases.

  • By boosting the body’s immune system, homeopathy can help improve a person’s susceptibility to illness and infection.

  • No side-effects, toxicity, or addiction due to being non-chemical substances used in Medicines.

  • They will not lower body resistance; will not produce allergic reactions

  • Best Homeopathy clinic in Dubai - Ayushcare Traditional Medical Centre in Dubai

Best Homeopathy Clinic in Dubai

Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine that stimulates the body's innate healing mechanisms to restore balance and health. At Ayushcare Medical Centre, we believe in treating the individual as a whole, addressing not just the symptoms but also the underlying causes of illness. Our approach is personalized, ensuring that each patient receives tailored treatment plans based on their unique needs and health goals. Ayushcare  is One of the Best Homeopathy Clinic in Dubai

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